(October 2020)

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How it started

House of Joy is a Christian organisation situated some 50 kilometres outside the Ugandan capital city of Kampala. It is a 6 kilometre drive into the bush from the nearest town, Kalagi and in the region of Kasala. There is currently limited access to clean water and food. House of Joy started when, at the behest of the local community, the charity’s founder, Tom Lewis (or Jaja Tom as the Ugandan people affectionately called him) led the way, constructing the first two classrooms of the current school on an initial one acre site. The first term in 2005 started with 56 children and 2 teachers.

Where are we now?

With a desire to see lives and communities transformed by the power of God, House of Joy has expanded dramatically from its humble beginings. The twenty acre site now boasts a large, successful school, a Permaculture farm and numerous purpose built brick buildings. Supported by our caring, qualified Ugandan teaching staff, over 400 children now attend the school.

We are committed to sustainability and that means coming alongside local people in order to assist them, not just doing things for others. We purchase local building materials and employ a Ugandan workforce in order to support the local economy. We have already constructed a borehole, and assisted with the construction of a second, thereby providing the local community with clean water.

 We believe that each and every person, irrespective of age or background is precious and has the right to love, a proper education and employment opportunities. As followers of Jesus, we are committed to ensuring that this happens. His words, works and ways guide all we do.

The Future

We hope that use of our, nearly completed, multi-purpose building will continue to grow and that it will become the central gathering place for the local community. We intend to provide more substamtial and more varied diet for our children and staff  by significantly expanding our farming efforts. In line with Biblical principles we aim to offer practical life skills  to anyone within our wider community, together with permaculture training so that they are better equipped to maximize the use their own land for food and income generation. We want to develop the use of solar energy to expand the availability of fresh water locally and by 2020, aim to develop a Secondary School at House of Joy.

With your ongoing help we can achieve all of these goals and more! We invite you to join us in really making a difference to this wonderful community.

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How do the majority of children attending the House of Joy School get there?

  • Walk

  • Dropped off by parents

  • Cycle

  • Walk

  • Dropped off by parents

  • Cycle

Although some of the most vulnerable children board at House of Joy, the majority walk unaccompanied by adults several kilometres each day to attend school. The furthest one of our children walks is a staggering 12 kilometres each way, every day.