Seed time and Harvest Time… Heading back to House of Joy

Good afternoon.

Seed time and harvest time.

Just as the farmers in Uganda have prepared the ground ready for the new crops.
Ron and I have been here in the UK resting, getting ready for the new season ahead.

It’s been wonderful catching up with family and friends, we’ve both been working which has been a blessing.

But just as the seasons change so does the season of our lives.

It’s time for the new season

Ron has waited years to be able to bring pumped water to House of Joy.
It’s been his passion after achieving the borehole.

As you’ll know from our newsletter We now have funding.

Ron and I will return and work on the next level of development at HOJ.

This will really transform our community.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to support us and love us.

I love the seasons of our lives 🍁