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A message from Joy

JoyA message from Joy…

I have the greatest gift of being the Executive Director for House of Joy Uganda.

Whenever I meet people, one of the first questions they ask is…”Is House of Joy named after you?” The direct answer is no it is not. But I like being asked that question, it takes me back to where it all began.

House of Joy began as a dream with my Mam, Dad, Ron and I sitting drinking tea and dreaming of a way we could help the children in Uganda. Once we  grasped the idea of a school we shared with our friends. Of course we would need a name suggested one of our friends.   I remember how we chatted about good names,  funny names, cute names.  Then my Dad simply said, even though this is a school I want children to feel at home, happy,  like children are suppose to feel a place of Joy for everyone.

That was it, in that moment House of Joy was born.

Is it a House of Joy?  Why not  read about Steve’s visit and decide for yourself.

Joy Maund

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