One month later… Joy Maund


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One month later… Joy Maund

Well we’ve been back a month now and things are just wonderful.

It’s a blessing to come back and see how Hoj has moved on in our absence.

Being self sustainable isn’t just about money but also having people with like vision and minds who can carry the project forward.

We are grateful to all our staff for having remained faithful especially David our manager and Agnus our Head teacher.

Being here again has reminded is why we fell in love with this place in the beginning.

Of course not forgetting the children.
Looking so well and happy because of the generous donations of our friends and family who support the work nd enables us to provide good health meals for our children.

We can’t forget our farmers who are growing more and more food each year as their experience is growing.
We are now living on site in our own house built from some savings and generous gifts from family and some friends.

Everyone asks if it was a good idea building on site.
Truthfully we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but in the centre of all that God is doing here.

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